The BeaconActive is a unique Beacon that can be deployed at every location and is able to connect with your smartphone to unlock various location-aware applications.

A Beacon is any device that sends a signal, which another device can use to know the Beacon’s location. They are easily deployable and can be used both indoors and outdoors. By making use of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi signals, our Beacons are able to connect with smartphones and alike. Given that many people have smartphones on their side, makes Beacons extremely suitable across multiple industries.

The most promising industries include the Airport, Hospitality, Events, Smart City, and Retail Industry. We have created a Beacon with unique features, which makes the BeaconActive a top-notch product in the world of Beacons:

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Improved user reach through Wi-Fi

Normally, Beacons merely make use of Bluetooth technology to connect to smart phones. However, merely 33% of people have the Bluetooth option turned on, resulting in a disturbing low user reach. We have accomplished to integrate a low energy variant of Wi-Fi inside our Beacon, which significantly increases the user reach.

Works with and without an App

Thanks to our full compatibility with iBeacon by Apple and Eddystone™ by Google, smartphone users are not required to have a specific App installed that communicates with the Beacon. Alternatively, our Beacon is able to directly send out website links (URLs), which again increases the user reach to a great extent.

Platform included

Our Beacons are delivered together with an intuitive Platform, on which you have the possibility to have a clear overview of all Beacons installed. Moreover, you will be able to access the Platform on any device.

Fully customisable

At BeaconActive, we are able to create a tailor-made Beacon that suits specific applications. Examples are an extended battery life and range, a customized case design with logo, and the integration of various sensors (e.g. temperature, accelerometer, and gasses). Moreover, our BeaconActive Platform is customizable as well.

Integrates sensors

Our Beacon is able to include a large range of sensors (e.g. temperature or CO2). This opens up a large range of applications in a variety of industries.

Waterproof casing

Our Beacon cases are fully waterproof, which means the BeaconActive is also suitable for outdoor usage.

Long Beacon range

While the average Beacon range in the market is 70 meters, our 100 meter range will allow for an improved reach and a lower number of required Beacon deployments.

Battery life

Our batteries ensure that each Beacon lasts over 1 year, which are moreover easy replaceable.

Lifetime guarantee

In the unlikely case of a default, we will directly send a replacement – free of charge.

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